Club show Mlada Boleslav 7th and 8th November 2015. Judge from France :Mr. Michel Mocqué and Mr. Didier Dupont Thank you for your very nice assement. 
We spent a beautiful and hasty show weekend. Brontés children scored points in all classes and confirmed that it has become a top stud dog club show. The exhibition was attended by 5 Brontés offspring.

Alain Amico di Boemia /m.Anabela of Mošnova / - Open Class: Exc1, CAC
owner AliČi Kolie Kraťanda-Jarka Chlumská
Armani Daff Fun Dog / m.Daphne of Tau'ri / - Open Class: VG and Exc 2, 
owner Lucie Mráziková
Forseti Bohemia Elenor/m.Comtesa of Bohemia Balada/- Intermediate Class - 2x Exc1, 2x CAC - owner: Ivana Marková
Amelie Amico di Boemia/m.Anabela z Mošnova / - Open Class: Exc 1,CAC She has became today Czech champion, owner Blanka Špuláková 
Eliotte z Tau’Ri/ m.Aura z Tau’Ri/ - Exc.1, CAC and Exc.2, res.CAC she is also Czech champion, owner Eva Kolářová
Brontes Bohemia Elenor: 2x V1, 2x CAC, 2x Best male and BOS 2, 2x Club winner.
Brontes became the best stud dog at 65.Klubové exhibition.
I thank all the owners for a wonderful representation of their "father Brontes."