Brontés BE and Ryecombe Drama Queen /Dorothy/

Brontés BE and Ryecombe Drama Queen /Dorothy/


Brontes Bohemia Elenor got a nice New Year's gift dog lady from England!
Ryecombe Drama Queen /Dorothy/
It is the first historical coverage Czech guy smooth collie in the country of origin!
It is a great honor for us!
Thank you for the lovely Claire Norman meetings in Belgium.
Thank Dita Ungerová a great help.
We keep our fingers crossed that it went well..

If it turns out well, so all puppies will have greater genetic profile.
MDR1 +/+ 
(by parentage) 

PRA-rcd2 N/N Non - affected 
DM N/N (G/G) Non - affected

Brontík and Dorothy
Claire and Dorothy