Our next canistherapy Tuesday

Our next canistherapy Tuesday


Our next canistherapy Tuesday…

This time we delighted an old lady, who was immobile. Without nurse´s help she wasn’t able to turn around on the bed. She immediately smiled when she saw us and wanted Brontes on her bed. The lady was lying on her back, when she wanted to pet him on head, she had to stretch her arm. And surprisingly she rotated herself. The nurse called the doctor to see this. He was surprised too to see the lady moving. These are unforgettable and highly emotional experiences and we are very pleased that we can read this small message:

Mrs. Renáta and Brontes, thank you for your amazing visit in hospital…

Hello, we would never believe, that is possible to cheer up a lady who cry whole days and nights, by a dog. It was miracle for which we thank. That your dog made an immobile lady rotate was a little miracle, because without nurse she was unable to do this. You don´t even know how much joy you gave us. We can see that there are still people who have hearth on the right place and Your Brontes is one big dog hero for us. Thank you!!! Marta, neurology, room number 23.