Brontés - Smooth Collie

We fell in love at first sight with noble shorthair appearance of our Smooth Collie. In 2010, together with my daughter wecontacted the Bohemia Elenor Dog Breeder, where puppies were just born. At the first contact with these nice creatures we could not resist and we took one doggy boy home. On the recommendation of the breeder we chose tricolor dog Brontes (full name Brontes Bohemia Elenor). At home we already had at that time six years old English Cocker Spaniel. They became inseparable friends. Usually it is so that the young dog learns from the older, but for us it was just the opposite. Our stubbornand fleeing Cocker Vigo was not just the best educational sidekick. Brontes´s inherent intelligence and speed of learning new things surprised us at every step. He got excited with everything quickly, whether it was defense, agility or coursing.

When Brontes - Smooth Collie grew up, we tried a few dog shows with him. His promising show career began in his junior years. Today I cannot even count on how many dog shows we were at together. We traveled almost around the whole Europe. He receivedmany valuable dog show titles and awards. Due to the number of awards  he is currently one of the most successfulexhibition individual.

His very teachable, friendly and sensitive nature gave rise to the idea of helping my at the time disabled mother. Brontes quickly understood assistance training. Unfortunately my mother died and I wondered how to capitalize on what Brontes learned so far. On the advice of my friend, I trained for and passed with Brontes canistherapy exams at the organizationHelppes Prague. In mid-2012 we were contacted by a nonprofit organization Lekorice, which operates in Thomayer Hospital in Prague 4. Since then, we have become an inseparable part of the volunteer team. Brontes is an active canistherapy dog and each week we go to help children and adults in situations where mere words of solace are not enough. (more in linkcanistherapy)

Brontes also demonstrated his sportsmanship and he loves "coursing". Mongering tassels is his favorite game. 

When Brontes reached adulthood he has proven as the father of numerous births. Thanks to his exceptional nature, excellentgenes and pleasant appearance, he became one of the most requested studs. His descendants can be viewed in an international database of Smooth Collies. Some of them have already followed the dog show footsteps of their father.

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ANKARA BILA Kaifa - Smooth Collie

In the summer, in 2012, came to our family of 6-year-old female Eny - Smooth Collie. They became great friends with the Brontes. It's a great dog lady.